Designed to the period of the home, this kitchen was created to keep as much of the 1932 Cape Cod feel of the home as possible while giving it a completely functional update. The designer kept all the smallest details in mind including door styles, pulls, “icebox” latches and bracketed molding. All the details harken back to the earlier era. In keeping with the old house feel, fir floors stained in cherry provide some orange tones which are a nice foil to the blue-gray tones of the cabinetry.

Mielert Final Photos 011.jpg

Galley Style

The choice of a galley kitchen versus a great room style kitchen was made again to keep with the look and feel of times gone by. In addition to keeping the kitchen as a committed food preparation area, having a dedicated room for the kitchen gives some definition in a home which otherwise has a very open floor plan.

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The hutch piece with a stepped out cherry countertop was created to showcase the owner’s pastel Fiestaware collection. The wood top on the hutch also pulls in the tone of the floor.

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Breakfast Porch

Inviting and cheerful, the bar area created in this renovated sun porch with water views has become the center of entertaining in this 1932 cottage. Located next to the newly remodeled galley kitchen, the bar area gives guests a place to mull while the hosts add the finishing touches to the meal.